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Study of opportunities, risks and entrepreneurial potential

With the total population of approx. 80 million inhabitants and the area of 1,6 million square kilometers Iran obtains an enormous economic and cultural capacity which can not be fully utilized due to the current diplomatic dispute in the Middle East.

Nevertheless, the struggle is coming to an end and now it is the time for both companies in Germany and Middle East to take a step forward and capture the opportunities offered by globalization to expand and enlarge within the pertinent economic zone.

Oil production: Iran as the most valuable source of revenue for the business

There are no doubts that the largest sector of monetary inflows into the country's economy is fossil fuels, particularly oil that is present in grand quantities on the territory of Islamic Republic of Iran.

In 2010 alone, more than 203,2 million tons of oil has been extracted that accounts for the fourth biggest oil exporter worldwide. Such a development can surely be classified as a remarkable one due to the fact that the Islamic revolution of 1979 has almost fully stopped oil mining. And yet after the economic recovery that gave an opportunity for oil producers the industry branch is hit by the sanctions imposed on Iran's economy as the consequence of the geopolitical tensions.

On the international level Iran obtains 10-11% of the world's oil reserves that highlights the economic potential of the country which is the main trigger for the necessity of Iran's integration into the world market. Moreover, oil is not the only natural resource that can be found on the territory of Islamic Republic of Iran. Natural gas is ranked the fourth in volume on the international market of gas.

We will assist you in expanding your business to capture opportunities in Iran

We have already provided you with the slight perception of Iran's economy and the potential of German business in Iran. Yet, if you require the precise research in the field of economy we will provide effective, quick and competent service for you.

At the Cross Connection Consulting we develop your business and solve all the inquiries it can face related to the Germany-Iran international trade. Market and competition analysis with the accurate evaluation of the all the threats and opportunities as well as country risks will serve as the core for your future success.

We also prepare the core information about gods and services by requesting and providing price quotation together with term and conditions for the sale of products. We are your best choice for the scientific work for your profit potential projects. We assure the necessary impetus for your international success. We at CCC support you in your beginnings - contact us to get the full information regarding the services!

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