Cross Connection Consulting

Cross Connection Consulting is a service company based in Cologne that specializes in intercultural business consulting between German companies and companies in the Middle East.

Our Goal

Our goal is to act as a mediator and consultant between companies of the Middle East and German companies in order to promote, support and accompany cross-cultural cooperation. As part of our good contacts and information, our primary goal is to provide valuable assistance for companies in their search for international business opportunities and business partners.


The General Manager

The general manager Ashkan Shakeri is a intercultural entrepreneur. He grew up with german-iranian origin and is familiar with both German and Iranian cultures.

Throughout his Bachelor studies in the field of political science, also with an intercultural focus, he was able to deepen his knowledge in the area of intercultural management. In the subsequent Master's degree in corporate communications, he then acquired the business management know-how. Equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical experience, he founded his own consulting company on 2014, which became Cross Connection Consulting in 2017.

The Team

Cross Connection Consulting team consists of young and motivated consultants who are ready to enthusiastically face new challenges. You can rely on ambition and absolute professionalism.

Our international team with a lot of experience in both German and Middle Eastern culture will support the implementation of your project in different countries and languages.

We assure Corporate Social Responsibility and work ethics, that seek it’s equal. With knowledge, experience and enjoyment of what we do, we ensure your future success.


Our office in Cologne, Germany

Conference and meeting room - Cross Connection Consulting

Cross Connection Consulting Headquarters Cologne Germany 1

Cross Connection Consulting Headquarters Cologne Germany 2